15 November 2011

More Rubymine Impressions

OK here's another couple of things I love about this IDE. For the sake of typing, RM means RubyMine.

  • Local History: you get a diff-able view of all the saves that you have made to a file. If you're using a DVCS that's 3 different views of the changes that you've made to a file. Wild. I love this because I've often thought of adding a "commit on every successful build" sort of thing to Visual Studio so that I have a step by step recreation of what I did with a file. That way if you think 'huh, that was working 20 minutes ago' you'd be able to backtrack. With RubyMine, no need. 
  • Parentheses: Seems like such a small thing, but it makes my life easier. When I type '(' into RM it gives me a closing paren for free. But if I miss that for whatever reason and then type the closing paren anyway, RM figures it out and just overwrites the closing paren that I typed. I'm waiting for this to trip me up, but it hasn't happened yet so so far it's awesome. 
  • Find is fast fast fast: So far I've got about 200 files in my app. Not many really. But when I do a Shift Ctrl F and search for a string in the files it is nearly instantaneous. It is possible that that's because the files are on an SSD. Still it seems faster than Visual Studio. 

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