21 December 2008

Samsung + Android = Good

Looks like Samsung might be launching an Android phone next year.

I've been very happy with every piece of Samsung hardware I've owned, so this is a step in the right direction for me. Still, don't think I could live without a dedicated keyboard. A soft keyboard is on the way for the G1, we'll see what I think in a few months. But I think for anything other than SMS, it'll suck.

Looks like there's going to be an Android version of the Instinct on Sprint and the Omnia on T-Mo. There's rumors of a version of the Omnia heading to AT&T, so does that mean AT&T will have an Android-capable phone that's not running Android? That'll be interesting. And we'll have a phone that's now running WinMo that's being released as Android too. So will people be able to switch over on their existing phones?

The Omnia site lists an "Etiquette Mode"... hmm... I know some people who could really use that.

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