29 December 2008

Update: Hello World iphone

KGelner pointed out that my Hello World iphone edition wasn't very good, looks like he was right. I did try to find an official edition. So I found this link: HelloWorldClassic, but it requires registration to access. And by registration, it's not just "get a login" it's "give us your home address". No thanks. Compare that to Android code, which is freely available without a login. I'm not positive, but I'd bet that the Agreement on the developer.apple.com site says that I can't copy and paste code from their site to my blog. Or risk running afoul of the Apple legal team. Anyway, someone posted this code in discussions.apple.com:

- (void) drawRect:(CGRect) rect {
* [UIColor whiteColor] set;*
* [@"Hello World" drawInRect:CGRectMake(0, 175, 320, 50)*
* withFont:UIFont fontWithName:@"Marker Felt" size:40
* alignment:UITextAlignmentCenter]; *

That looks much better, and not too far off from the Android version. There's something up with the withFont line in the original version, so that line might be incorrect.

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