03 January 2009

Chrome without a Google Toolbar? No thanks

This is something that I keep coming back to every few weeks. Have they released a google toolbar for Chrome yet? No? [waits a couple weeks] How about now? No.

Chrome is nice and all; separation of pages into their own process is nice, but really how often does my browser (FF) fully crash? It's rare. So that's a minor problem that Chrome solves. The interface is nice. That's about all it's got going for it. But no google bookmarks? Deal breaker. An eyeball count says I've got 150 pages in my bookmarks. I use that toolbar all the time.

I think it's really weird that the big G released an inhouse browser and 3 months later there's still no toolbar. What's going on over there? Are those teams fighting? Do I need to pull this car over? I was really hoping to find a youtube clip of Clark Griswold saying that; no dice.

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